Mothering Sunday

Noel Streatfeild

06 September 2018
304 pages


Seventy-year-old widowed Anna Caldwell likes to be alone, happy to potter around her garden chatting to her friend Miss Poe. However, the bliss of Anna’s peaceful lifestyle causes her five children much dismay.

Jane, the eldest and most organised, gathers her siblings together to visit Anna on Mothering Sunday. Henry the politician, Margaret the doctor and the youngest, Felicity, all agree to attend with their partners . . . but that leaves Tony, the shadow on the family’s respectable past.

Carnegie Medal winning author Noel Streatfeild pieces together a startling image of the post-war British family in her novel Mothering Sunday.

She has wit and a sense of humour, and her people are all good to meet . . . a spicing of mystery is added to the most enjoyable conversation-piece
Reads like a real slice out of life
One of the best family novels