Out on 13 June 2019

The First Breath

Olivia Gordon

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13 June 2019
320 pages

The First Breath by Olivia Gordon combines personal memoir and sensitive, intimate case histories of other mothers' high risk births with extraordinary medical science – from the dawn of fetal medicine to groundbreaking neonatal surgery and the exploding field of perinatal genetics.

Balancing the powerful emotion of real lives with the careful detachment needed to convey complex medicine at work in leading fetal and neonatal hospital units around the world, The First Breath reveals the untold story of a new generation born with unprecedented medical intervention. Shining a light on the intense patient-doctor relationship at work with every birth, this book will reflect on what happens when pregnancy and the first few weeks of a baby's life don't go as planned and how modern medicine responds.

Exceptionally moving...a pleasure to read.

Kay Davies