Out on 12 September 2024
Book cover for Supremacy




12 September 2024
540 minutes
Imprint: Macmillan Business


A clear and compelling read about one of the most consequential races in the world—the invention of artificial general intelligence—filled with surprising and juicy details about the powerful men at the heart of it. The deep research in Supremacy reveals startling news and facts as yet unreported about two of the world’s most scrutinized companies.
Supremacy makes the topic of artificial intelligence approachable and entertaining by telling the human stories of the people building AI companies. There is never a dull moment in this gripping book.
Money, power, and a [Faustian] bargain that may change the world frame this timely and deeply researched account of two of the biggest players in the race to AI.
Parmy Olson is that rare author who writes with technological expertise about artificial intelligence without losing track of the underlying humanity informing its arrival. She’s intimately familiar with AI’s roots and reach, and she’s drawn a rich blueprint for understanding the revolution it heralds