A Pirate's Life for Tea

Rebecca Thorne

10 July 2023
464 pages


Bookshops & Bonedust meets Our Flag Means Death in this cozy fantasy on the low seas. Here lesbian pirates find out if enemies actually can become lovers!

Kianthe and Reyna are on the hunt for dragon eggs to save their hometown. But they must strike a deal with local lord Diarn Arlon to secure his aid. All they need to do is capture notorious river pirate Serina, who’s been plaguing Arlon's supply chains, and bring her in for justice. Surely they can handle that?

Begrudgingly, the couple joins forces with Bobbie, one of Arlon’s constables. She is absolutely determined to capture the pirate. Except Bobbie and Serina have a far more complicated history than anyone realized – and it might jeopardize everything.

Kianthe and Reyna watch this relationship-wreck from afar. And it quickly becomes apparent that the pair needs all the help they can get. Luckily, matchmaking is Reyna’s favorite pastime. The dragon eggs may just have to wait.

I absolutely loved this sequel. I think I actually like it even more than the first! The LGBT representation was on point. The pirates and adventure were fantastic without ever making it feel like the stakes were high. You always feel safe with these characters which is why I love them
Mist floating over a river at dawn, golden light filtering through pine trees, late-night auroras, mountainscapes, and two women utterly devoted to each other adventuring through it all by griffon, ship, and horseback (though begrudgingly the latter for poor Kianthe), A Pirate's Life for Tea was a heart pounding and delightful sequel to Can't Spell Treason Without Tea
It's wonderful, cozy queer joy. It is truly special