Out on 03 October 2024
Book cover for A Pirate's Life for Tea

A Pirate's Life for Tea



03 October 2024
600 minutes
Imprint: Tor


I absolutely loved this sequel. I think I actually like it even more than the first! The LGBT representation was on point. The pirates and adventure were fantastic without ever making it feel like the stakes were high. You always feel safe with these characters which is why I love them
Mist floating over a river at dawn, golden light filtering through pine trees, late-night auroras, mountainscapes, and two women utterly devoted to each other adventuring through it all by griffon, ship, and horseback (though begrudgingly the latter for poor Kianthe), A Pirate's Life for Tea was a heart pounding and delightful sequel to Can't Spell Treason Without Tea
It's wonderful, cozy queer joy. It is truly special