The Hit

Richard House

20 June 2013
256 pages



The hunt for Stephen Lawrence Sutler is on. He is the last survivor.

Stephen Lawrence Sutler is the subject of a confused manhunt. Misinformation and lies have been spread about him. There are three unconfirmed leads.

1. He might have been thrown to his death from a high-speed train in Italy.
2. He might have been sighted in Grenoble.
3. He might have been found in a desert in Syria, unconscious, his body burned beyond recognition.

Three different men are chasing Sutler. Who will catch the fugitive first? And what do they intend to do with him when they do?

The Hit is book four of The Kills.

The Kills is an epic novel of crime and conspiracy told in four books.

It begins with a man on the run and ends with a burned body.

Its creator, Richard House, has written and produced audio and video content that takes you beyond the boundaries of the book and into the characters' lives outside its pages. This is the standard edition of the ebook, which contains links to this work on

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