Bloody Harvests

Richard Kunzmann

2005 Nominee

CWA New Blood Dagger

06 July 2011
464 pages


After a child’s mutilated body is discovered in a ditch, detective Harry Mason needs to discover whether this gruesome death is the work of a serial murderer or a muti killer butchering children to make powerful ‘medicine’ from their body parts. His police partner, Jacob Chabalala, is forced to reconsider his beliefs as both a tribesman and a cop, becoming increasingly convinced that this time they are dealing with a genuine witch - perhaps powerful enough to subvert the investigation itself.

The two friends' relationship deteriorates as the case progresses and cultural tensions grow. They are still no closer to identifying the killer, when a second murder occurs. Meanwhile a young British reporter, Nina Reading, has been conducting her own investigation into slave-trafficking, thus putting herself in deadly danger. Harry's discoveries and Nina's revelations unite and lead them even deeper into an awesome spiritual underworld in Hillbrow, where money and fear reign supreme. But their enemies will stop at nothing to protect their bloody harvests - including the kidnapping of Harry's own child.

'A confident debut ... powerful storytelling' Sunday Telegraph

'A fast and grisly thriller ... hails Kunzmann as an impressive new talent in this genre' Sunday Times