A Stir of Echoes

Richard Matheson

Age 16 +
29 August 2013
224 pages


Madness is only a step away . . .

Tom Wallace is happy with his suburban lot. Until an evening of casual entertainment turns reality into nightmare.

Tom sees himself as a pragmatist, and when his brother-in-law challenges him to undergo hypnotism, he obliges to prove a point. So no one is more surprised than Tom when it works. But this cheap parlour trick unlocked something that now threatens his sanity, way of life and marriage. Suddenly he can sense his neighbours' darkest desires, and some are dark indeed. When shadows from the past and glimpses of the future are revealed to him, Tom tries to deny what's happening.

But as his existence becomes increasingly unbearable, the biggest revelation of all awaits -- a message from beyond the grave.

‘Matheson inspires, it’s as simple as that’ Brian Lumley
‘Richard Matheson's ironic and iconic imagination created seminal science-fiction stories . . . For me, he is in the same category as Bradbury and Asimov’ Stephen Spielberg
‘His stories not only entertain, but touch the mind and heart’ Dean Koontz