If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This

Robin Black

06 May 2011
320 pages


From the blind girl who sees more than her parents can, to the portrait artist who sees more than her clients would wish, Robin Black illuminates secret fears, hidden desires, profound grief and enduring love in a collection as rich and varied as the relationships it describes. These are generous and compassionate stories for anyone attuned to the intricate heartbreak of families – to our power to hurt and to nurture those we love best.

‘Full of substance and colour. Many short stories have a habit of evaporating not long after you’ve read them. Black’s have an uncanny tendency to stick around’ Metro

‘An exploration of secret monologues and private emotions that makes for an illuminating, moving and universally resonant experience’ Easy Living

‘Exquisitely distilled tales of loss and reckoning’ Vogue

‘Black writes with grace and simplicity’ TLS