A Very Mindful Christmas

Rohan Gunatillake

27 November 2015
30 pages


Everybody's experience of Christmas is different. But whether you are someone who absolutely loves Christmas or someone who could live without it, its intensity can be exhausting.

In A Very Mindful Christmas, Rohan Gunatillake, creator of the bestselling app buddhify, introduces mobile mindfulness, a fresh take on modern meditation and reveals how we can approach the Christmas season to make it feel less stressful, calm, balanced and full of joy.

This eBook short presents twelve techniques to help us be mindful at all times during the festive period, whether this be spending time with family, last minute Christmas shopping amongst the crowds or putting the turkey in the oven. A Very Mindful Christmas shows that if we apply the principles and techniques of mindfulness and meditation to Christmas, it is as good a time to be calm, connected and kind as any other.