Sri Aurobindo

Roshen Dalal

21 August 2023
328 pages


An illuminating exploration of the life and philosophy of an uncommon visionary.

Widely revered as a preeminent philosopher and spiritual leader, Sri Aurobindo’s teachings and legacy inspire millions across the globe. Yet, the true essence of his wisdom remains an enigma, intensified further by the mystique surrounding his life. In this comprehensive new biography, veteran historian Roshen Dalal sets out to demystify Aurobindo’s unique journey. From his early years and education in England to his consequential return to India during its embryonic freedom movement, his arrest in the infamous Alipore Bomb Case and subsequent spiritual awakening and ascetic life at his ashram in Pondicherry, she unravels the intricate events and relationships that shaped his thinking – particularly his collaborations with his spiritual partner, the Mother. Through meticulous analysis of his writings, she sheds light on Aurobindo’s radical path for the future – towards a harmonious world order and the awakening of a divine consciousness, culminating in the ultimate transformation of humanity. Drawing from over three decades of research, Dalal presents here the most accessible, lucid and insightful portrait of Sri Aurobindo to date. She underscores the pioneering ideas of a visionary thinker and the enduring power of his legacy.