Roxanne Calder

20 December 2023
192 pages


A must-read for every step in your professional life.’ Julia Ross, business magnate and founder of Julia Ross Group

‘An essential weapon in the battle against job uncertainty or insecurity.’ Greg Savage, bestselling author and recruitment expert

What happens if you lose your job, or decide to move on? Do you have the skills that make you immediately employable in the workforce of today?

Expert recruiter and author Roxanne Calder knows that current employers seek employees with a thirst for knowledge and great interpersonal skills; who display dependability; resilience; self-awareness; self-confidence and optimism. These are the 7 attributes she explores in the book.

Whether you are a graduate or school leaver, a parent or carer returning to work, or at a crossroads wondering whether to retire or continue in the workforce, there is invaluable information within these pages for you. And there’s an employable toolkit to help you custom-build your résumé and cover letter and ace your next interview.