Roy Jenkins

2002 Nominee

BBC Four Samuel Johnson Prize

2003 Winner

National Book Awards Biography of the Year

02 November 2017
1072 pages


From the admiralty to the miner's strike, from the Battle of Britain to eventual victory over Nazi Germany, Churchill oversaw some of the most important events the world has ever seen. Winning the Nobel Prize in Literature for his personal writing and cautioning against a powerful Soviet Russia in his later years in office, his larger-than-life and complex personality has continued to fascinate writers and historians.

In this comprehensive biography, Roy Jenkins faithfully presents these events, while also managing to convey the contradictions and quirks in Churchill's character. Weaving together in-depth analysis and brilliant historical research, Jenkins has succeeded in crafting this magnificent one-volume account packed with insights that only a fellow politician can convey.

Bringing to life the statesman, writer, speaker and leader, Churchill is packed with insights into one of the most important figures of the twentieth century.

There is no doubt that he has surpassed himself. This is the biography of the year.
This is a first class, well-sustained work of history and a masterpiece of biography.
Lord Jenkins of Hillhead is an outstanding biographer . . . it has the narrative power, sweep and sparkle of the author in his prime.