Book cover for The Gentle Assassin

The Gentle Assassin



11 September 2014
352 pages
Imprint: Pan


Gripping . . . Ryan Jahn is staking a permanent place at the high table of poetically brutal hard-boiled crime writing.
My first taste of this author's work, and I doubt very much that it will be my last . . . It is violent and it pulls no punches, but it is also powerful and compassionate. Ryan David Jahn writes with a brutality that can be quite unsettling at times, but the authenticity of his words, and his expert dissection of the human psyche is excellently done . . . I enjoyed The Gentle Assassin very much.
I found this an unusual story because while it is one of a broken family trying to address their history it is also packed with action and emotion . . . The first Jahn I have read and hopefully it won't be the last.