All the Lonely People

Sam Carr

28 March 2024
256 pages


'Empathetic, enlightening, deeply human' - Michael Harris, author of Solitude

An intimate portrait of loneliness, All the Lonely People sees psychologist Dr Sam Carr collect hours of conversations with people young and old, including single parents, carers, teenagers and the bereaved – all shared over countless cups of tea.

In stories of love and loss, of trauma and hope, told from care homes, living rooms, classrooms and kitchens, Carr discovers that while each of their stories is utterly unique, they are all born out of the same desire for human connection.

As Carr interweaves these touching and powerful tales with his own personal narrative, he opens a window onto the inner lives of regular people – the forgotten, misplaced or misjudged – who all feel isolated in some way.

Sparking a profound conversation about a universal emotion, which may simply be an inevitable part of life in an increasingly disjointed world, he questions what we can do to build stronger human relationships, and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

In this elegant and fascinating book the taboo of loneliness is lifted. Sam Carr invites us into the lives of the lonely, and also into his own. His encounters — empathetic, enlightening, deeply human — help us to look deeply at a state of being that so many have come to fear.