Out on 15 August 2024

Epic Cities

Sam Sedgman

Ages 7 to 9
15 August 2024
64 pages


From the author of Epic Adventures and the award-winning Adventures on Trains series, Epic Cities takes readers on sight-seeing adventures all around the world.

Unique and enthralling aspects 24 citites will invite readers to consider the hidden systems that support their own ways of life, noticing details about the world, and discovering amazing similarities and differences with people across the planet. Go cycling in Copenhagen; catch the metro in Seoul; punt the canals in Venice – each destination has something to tell us about the clever, hidden ways our world works.

A celebration of human ingenuity, the marvellous structures of beautiful cities, and a sweeping tour of the world’s most fascinating cultures, this book would be perfect for readers who enjoy travel, learning secret and surprising facts about the world, and how everything fits together.