Out on 06 February 2025

Epic Cities

Sam Sedgman

Illustrated by Daniel Long

Ages 7 to 9
06 February 2025
64 pages


Go cycling in Copenhagen; catch the metro in Seoul; punt the canals in Venice; grab a bite to eat with friends in Melbourne, plus much, much more!

Sam Sedgman’s Epic Cities is a colourful, diverse and eye-opening tour of the world’s most impressive and complex cities, and the unique pieces of infrastructure that keep them running. Readers will journey through 24 cities, each one known for a unique piece of infrastructure that ingeniously solves the challenges of urban living. Every destination has something to tell us about the clever, hidden ways in which our world works.

A celebration of human ingenuity, the marvellous structures of beautiful cities, and a grand tour of the planet’s most fascinating cultures, Epic Cities is perfect for readers who enjoy travel, learning secret and surprising facts about the world, and how everything fits together.