The Last War

Sandipan Deb

19 December 2012
600 pages


The Greatest Story Ever Told…Again Bombay 1955. Aging Parsi businessman Rustom Pestonjee chances upon brilliant archer Yash Kuru at the Gateway of India. Struggling to make ends meet to feed his two nephews and adopted son, Yash accepts Pestonjee’s offer to become a hitman for one night, the start of a unique relationship. When Pestonjee dies, Yash pledges to be regent of his mentor’s empire of crime, and hand it over one day to the most deserving man from a yet-unborn generation of Kurus. Yash’s august ‘dharma’ will now determine the destinies of three generations of Kuru men and women. Mumbai 2007. A family torn asunder and an empire up for grabs. Yash’s grand-nephews battle it out for control of the city’s underworld, as Rishabh, Vikram and Jeet try to reclaim what Rahul and Ranjit had seized from them through deceit. Can the wily Kishenbhai’s strategy defeat Karl Fernandes’ deadly warcraft? Will pitiless Jahn get the revenge she yearns for? Who will own Mumbai? A modern-day version of The Mahabharata, The Last War is a page-turning account of brothers in arms and families at war. In the gritty expanse of India’s most dynamic city, from its ritzy high-rises to its mean streets and slums, loyalties are tested, blood is drawn and only ‘dharma’ can justify the means to a devastating end.