Out on 22 August 2024
Book cover for Liars




22 August 2024
367 minutes
Imprint: Picador


Painful and brilliant—I loved it
A triumph and a revelation . . . the most honest marriage novel I have ever read. Sarah Manguso’s writing is furious, elegant, bitter, tender, frightening, and deeply funny. I loved this book
I read Liars in one breathless, refuse-to-be-interrupted sitting. I was walloped on every page—by the painful familiarity of the story, by the all-at-onceness of the life described in these pages, by the brilliance of Manguso’s storytelling . . . I’m going to be returning to—and learning from—this book for years
I was spellbound, entranced by Sarah Manguso’s deceptively simple but fathoms-deep storytelling. There’s an incredible force that underlies this work, propulsive and wild and a little bit scary