Out on 29 August 2024
Book cover for My Good Bright Wolf

My Good Bright Wolf



29 August 2024
540 minutes
Imprint: Picador


I've never read anything quite like My Good Bright Wolf. Part memoir, part confessional, part dark and feverish fairytale, Moss explores her subject matter with characteristic attentiveness and unflinching honesty. This book invites the reader to step into the narrator's oftentimes uncomfortable shoes and, in doing so, confront what it means to be a woman, an artist, a human being, trying to find a way to be.
A counterspell to the dark enchantment of anorexia, and an utterly original testimonial of great candour and eloquence, hope and redemption. An unflinching take on feminist and literary history, the indignities of illness, and the vulnerabilities of childhood. Sarah Moss does it again.
Devastating, funny and full of brilliant insights. This is a brave book, but more than that it is generous. It has made me think about how incredibly porous we all are: to our families, to society, to culture, to each other. That's why this book is important: it asks us to take responsibility for our impact on each other.
Defiant in its anger and humour, My Good Bright Wolf is a compulsive and compelling story of how hard it is to break free of the punishing narratives around women's bodies and how easy it is to nearly lose yourself to them. And it is also a story of how words - painful and beautiful, wolf-sharp words - can be a way back.