Out on 24 November 2022

The Fall of Boris Johnson

Sebastian Payne

24 November 2022
352 pages


The Fall of Boris Johnson is the fascinating full account of how a prime minister lost his grip on power.

Sebastian Payne, Whitehall Editor for the Financial Times, tells the essential behind-the-scenes story, charting the series of scandals that felled Johnson: from the blocked suspension of Owen Paterson to Partygate, and, finally, the Chris Pincher allegations, which were the final death blow. This is the full narrative of the betrayals, rivalries and resignations that led to the dramatic Conservative coup.

With unparalleled access to those who were in the room when key decisions were made, Payne tells of the miscalculations and mistakes that led to Boris’s downfall, only two years after he first entered No.10 Downing Street. This is a gripping and timely look at how power is gained, wielded and lost in Britain today.

The magisterial first draft of history, anyone who wants to understand why Boris Johnson fell and what his fall means for the Tory Party must read this book.