Book cover for The Sunne in Splendour

The Sunne in Splendour



24 April 2014
1248 pages
Imprint: Pan


A painstakingly drawn picture of royal medieval England from bedchamber to battleground
The reader is left with the haunting sensation that perhaps the good a man does can live after him - especially in the hands of a dedicated historian
Those who know Richard III from Shakespeare will find that Sharon Kay Penman presents a contrasting view of the English monarch . . . He's an altogether nice man, a romantic hero as suitable to our late twentieth-century standards . . . As he was to those of medieval England . . . There is a vengeful quality to her insistence that is appealing; it makes for a good story
Penman's novel, rich in detail and research, attempts to set the record straight . . . It is an uncommonly fine novel, one that brings a far-off time to brilliant life