Warrior Queen of Sivaganga


04 May 2023
248 pages


Southern India, early eighteenth century. A mighty king is murdered, his royal army diminished. The queen seeks revenge with her army of women.

As the warmongering nawabs annex the major dominions of Arcot, a small, rebellious kingdom, Sivaganga, is thrown into turmoil after the murder of its king, Muthuvaduganatha Thevar. His queen consort, Rani Velu Nachiyar, along with her generals and subjects, must immediately escape the palace to safety.

Despite the many dangers of living in the wilderness, among them spies and assassins sent from Arcot to hunt her down, Velu Nachiyar soon emerges from the shadows to put up a fierce fight. With the Sivaganga army dwindled, she enlists women, training them in guerrilla warfare and the ancient martial arts techniques of the land. But with Arcot and the English joining forces, she is forced to traverse hostile enemy territories to reach Mysuru and seek the nawab Hyder Ali’s help. As the queen’s thirst for vengeance grows stronger and her enemies gain more ground, a confrontation on the battlefield is now inevitable.

Will the fearless warrior queen avenge her husband’s murder and reclaim her throne? Will Rani Velu Nachiyar triumph in the first war of independence?