Out on 27 June 2024

Best of All

Smriti Halls

Illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat

Ages 3 to 6
27 June 2024
32 pages


An uplifting celebration of every child's own family story from the bestselling author of Rain Before Rainbows and I'm Sticking With You, Smriti Halls, and star illustrator Chaaya Prabhat.

You are your mother’s bright eyes and her joyful wide grin,
Your father’s big heart and his kindness within . . .

Inspired by the author's own experience of raising her children to celebrate their British and Indian heritage, Best of All is a gorgeous and heartwarming book exploring what makes us who we are.

This treasure of a book is perfect to share with multi-heritage children, and to celebrate any child's unique family history.

Smriti's lyrical verse is paired with vibrant artwork from up-and-coming artist Chaaya Prabhat. Brimming with love and joy, the lush language and stunning illustrations make repeat reading a pleasure.