There's Someone Inside Your House

Stephanie Perkins

Age 12 +
05 October 2017
304 pages


There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins will have you swooning with fear and romance. The perfect page-turner for fans of Scream Queens, Fear Street and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Now a major Netflix film, from the producers of Stranger Things.

After a mysterious move from Hawaii to a new school in small town Nebraska, Makani Young and the rest of her class are being targeted by a masked killer intent on exposing their darkest secrets.

As one by one the students of her new high school begin to die in a series of gruesome murders, Makani doesn't know who's next on the list . . . and has her own secrets from the past to keep. Between this and her scorching relationship with the school misfit, this school year may turn out to be one to die for . . . literally.

Sensational chiller for younger young adults. You can cut the tension with a knife...
If you like YA romances and thriller stories then this might be one to check out
An exciting amalgamation of suspenseful thriller and fun contemporary.