Book cover for Island Home

Island Home



04 May 2017
256 pages
Imprint: Picador


Both a celebration of Australia's wild places and an impassioned argument for their preservation . . . Island Home is a masterclass . . . chief among his influences, [Winton] says, was the novelist Randolph Stow, who was born in Geraldton, Winton's mother's home town . . . He was a writer "who seemed to feel the country of his birth as if he wore it". The same might be said of Winton himself
Vivid . . . eloquent . . . the real pleasures of Island Home lie in the personal memories he summons up with his novelist's skills
Exquisite . . . Winton's writing - lyrical yet visceral - seems formed by Western Australia's variety, its sparkling rivers and red deserts as much as its colloquialism . . . Like Seamus Heaney's and Ted Hughes's, Winton's language feels a product of the land and the natural way to celebrate it . . . Read it
Partly a love song to Australia and also an attempt to trace how this love affair began