Tom Hoyle

Ages 12 to 16
06 November 2014
304 pages


From the author of Thirteen, Tom Hoyle's Spiders is a creepy, spine-tingling YA thriller that will leave you breathless, perfect for fans of Michael Grant.

Adam may have survived once, but a cult still has him in its sights. And this time he may not escape with his life . . .

Abbie's dad is an undercover agent, tasked with exposing dangerous cults. He's normally able to maintain his distance, but this time Abbie's worried he's in too deep.

Megan was sure she and Adam were safe, but now he's missing and she's the only one who can help him . . .

The web is closing in around them . . .

Addictive mix of action, danger and nail-biting suspense . . . a big screen thriller packed into the pages of a book.
Thirteen was one hell of a ride and was nothing like I'd read before, and Spiders followed that suit, with a thrilling plot, fantastic characters and an extra shiver inducing factor that really took this book to the next level, it was superb.