Out on 25 May 2023

Target and Destroy

Tom Marcus

25 May 2023
400 pages


The third novel in the Matt Logan series by former MI5 officer Tom Marcus which is a sequel to Capture or Kill and Defend or Die.

Target and Destroy revolves around a group known as Blindeye, an undercover and off-grid elite team who have total deniability which allows them to cut through the red tape that hinders the official MI5 teams.

This debut from a former MI5 surveillance operator is one of the most exciting I have read in a long time . . . Every page rings with authenticity, the tension is superbly sustained, and the central character is all too believable: a man wary of the power to kill
Tom mixes tense drama with fascinating insight into the lives of security service operators, to deliver a blistering read
It’s awesome