The Elopement

Tracy Rees

10 November 2022
432 pages


'A beautiful book. Powerful and captivating, the story will transport you to another time and place, plunging you headlong into the lives of its characters. Tracy Rees's writing is fluid, vibrant and evocative. Extraordinarily good.' - Hazel Prior

Tracy Rees's latest novel The Elopement is an elaborately imagined historical novel full of delight and temptation, spanning the luxury and poverty of late Victorian England.

A wealthy heiress . . .
1897. Rowena Blythe is wealthy, entitled and beautiful. As her twenty-fourth birthday approaches, she’s expected to marry – and to marry well.

An unsuitable match . . .
Her parents commission a portrait of Rowena to help cement her reputation as a great society beauty. However, Bartek, the artist’s young assistant, is unlike any man Rowena has met before – wild, romantic and Bohemian. While society at large awaits the announcement of Rowena’s engagement, it is Bartek who captures Rowena’s heart along with her likeness.

A scandal in society . . .
Rowena knows her parents would never approve of Bartek, who in their eyes is nothing but a penniless foreigner. As her feelings grow, she has no-one to turn to. Dare she risk everything for love?

Praise for Tracy Rees:
‘a natural storyteller . . .’ – Rachel Hore
‘Tracy has a rare gift for creating characters you are rooting for from the first page’ – Gill Paul
‘has such a talent for writing engaging characters who stay with you’ – Hazel Gaynor
‘Tracy Rees is at the height of her game’ – Rebecca Griffiths

The Elopement is a beautiful novel about taking wrong turnings on the path to love and happiness. The characters step from the pages in all their wilfulness and folly and make us care desperately what happens to them. Tracy Rees is a brilliant, immersive storyteller who truly understands the human heart. I adore all her novels, but this is my favourite so far.
I've long been a huge fan of Tracy's sumptuous, immersive storytelling . . . The Elopement is another absolute beauty.
Absolutely loved this book about three kick ass women in Victorian London learning how to be true to themselves. Full of joy and wisdom - it left a big smile on my face.