Dance Move

Wendy Erskine

09 February 2023
240 pages


'One of the greats' - Lucy Caldwell, author of Intimacies
'Comic brilliance' - Sinéad Gleeson, author of Constellations
'Ingenious' - The Irish Times
'Daring, funny, heartbreaking' - Observer

Following the prize-winning Sweet Home, Wendy Erskine's Belfast is once again illuminated. Meet Drew Lord Haig, called on to sing an obscure hit from his youth at a paramilitary event. Meet Max as he recalls an eventful journey to a Christian film festival. And Mrs Dallesandro who dreams of being a teenager again as she sits in a tanning salon on her wedding anniversary. In these stories, Erskine's characters' wishes and hopes often fall short of their grasp. Brilliantly drawn, Dance Move is about the hugeness of life as seen through glimpses of the everyday.

'A masterpiece' - David Keenan, author of Monument Maker

'Wendy Erskine's debut, Sweet Home, was pitch perfect . . . Dance Move is equally brilliant' - The Daily Mail

'Erskine's stories open slight, but they contain more than it seems possible for short stories to contain' - Keith Ridgway, author of Hawthorn & Child

'She isn’t just one of the leading writers of short fiction at work today but one of the leading writers, period.' - Matt Rowland Hill, author of Original Sins

As Read on BBC Radio 4
Shortlisted for the Edge Hill Prize
Shortlisted for the An Post Irish Book Awards Short Story of the Year
The Irish Times Books of the Year 2022

Comic brilliance
Erskine is less interested in dispensing wisdom than in evoking the ambient pathos of ordinary lives. The understated yet distinctive sensibility first showcased in her 2018 debut collection, Sweet Home, is well honed in this impressive follow-up.
Wendy Erskine has the rarest and most precious of a fiction writer’s gifts: the ability to unveil all the passion, pathos, comedy and beauty just beneath the surface of the most seemingly ordinary lives. She isn’t just one of the leading writers of short fiction at work today but one of the leading writers, period.