Reading group questions for The House on the Cliff

Looking for the next book to read in your book club?

1 minutes to read

Looking for the next book to read in your book club? The House on the Cliff could be it. Charlotte's editors have come up with some questions to get you thinking about it. Happy reading?

1. Discuss the prologue of the book, and how effective this is in opening the novel.

2. Talk about the author's use of language and writing style.

3. Which passage from the book stood out for you the most?

4. What themes does the author explore? Include in your discussion: the difficulties of parenting and the implications of having an affair.

5. Describe the main characters—their personality traits, motivations, inner qualities. Why do they behave in the way they do? Are their actions justified?

6. Discuss the relationship between Gwydion Morgan and his mother.

7. Discuss Jessica's marriage to Bob. Why do you think they are experiencing problems?

8. Talk about the secondary characters. Did any stand out for you?

9. Discuss the ending of the book.

10. Can you compare the themes or characters in this book to any other novels you have read recently?