James Salter on writing

Listen to the late, great James Salter discussing his long, remarkable career.

James Salter has a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest prose stylists of our time. Here the author of classic American novels, including A Sport and a Pastime and All That Is, discusses his long, remarkable career and the unforgettable experience of taking off alone in the pursuit of writing.

‘I decided to write, or perish. It was like starting life from scratch.’ 

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A Sport and a Pastime

by James Salter

Book cover for A Sport and a Pastime

A Sport and A Pastime is a seductive classic that established James Salter's reputation as one of the finest writers of our time. It is remarkable for its eroticism, its luminous prose and its ability to explore the boundaries between what is dreamt and what is lived, between body and soul.