Julie Buntin on writing Marlena

Julie Buntin spoke to us about the process of writing her debut novel,Marlena.

Marlena is a coming-of-age novel, set in a forgotten town in rural Michigan. It's a story about friendship, addiction and loss, of two girls and the feral year that will cost one her life, and define the other's for decades.

We sat down with author Julie Buntin who shared the story behind Marlena in this series of videos.

On the inspiration for Marlena

On the process of writing the book

On being inspired by Elena Ferrante

On stories of female friendship

On the last book she read

On what she's writing next


by Julie Buntin

Book cover for Marlena

Tell me what you can't forget,and I'll tell you who you are . . .

Marlena is a riveting, intelligent and brilliant novel from debut author Julie Buntin.