Quiz: do you know the price of life?

What are we worth, in cold, hard cash?

In a world in love with data, it's possible to run a cost-benefit analysis on anything – including life itself. In The Price of Life, Jenny Kleeman meets the people – philanthropists, judges, criminals, healthcare providers and government ministers – who decide what we're worth. Do you know the price of life? Take our quiz to find out.

Watch Jenny Kleeman discuss some of the fascinating and horrifying things she learned researching the book

The Price of Life

by Jenny Kleeman

Book cover for The Price of Life

What does it mean for our humanity when we crunch the numbers to decide who gets the expensive life-saving drugs, and who misses out? What do we learn about ourselves when philanthropic giving by the effective altruists in Silicon Valley is received by some, while others are left to suffer? Are some lives really worth more than others? And what happens when we take human emotions out of the equation? Does it make for a fairer decision-making process – or for moral bankruptcy? Exploring the final frontier in monetization, Kleeman asks what we lose and what we gain by leaving the judgments that really matter up to cold, hard logic.