Pan Heritage Classics

Murder at the Old Vicarage

A murder so baffling it might even have stumped Agatha Christie's Miss Marple' Philadelphia Inquirer

Grove of Eagles

A classic novel of Elizabethan England from the author of the Poldark series.

Little Local Murder

Robert Barnard's classic murder mystery.

Case of the Missing Brontë

A classic murder mystery from author Robert Barnard.

Enchanted Places

Christopher Robin's story in his own words.

Dr Finlay's Casebook

The original stories featuring A. J. Cronin's much-loved Scottish country doctor.

To War with Whitaker

An inspired memoir, spanning over the Second World War, from a powerfully independent Countess who wouldn’t take no for an answer

Murder, Mr Mosley

A cozy, eccentric and wonderfully funny English mystery set in rural Lancashire

Bird in the Hand

Who could have known birdwatching was such a dangerous sport? In this Pan Heritage Classics edition, George Palmer-Jones attempts to unravel the murder of a young, innocent birder.

Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy

In this Pan Heritage Classics edition of A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy, Inspector Stephen Ramsey delves into the murder of Otterbridge's beloved Dorothea.