The Barbarotti Series

Book cover for Lonely Ones

Lonely Ones

The Lonely Ones follows the mystery of two couples who die thirty-five years apart in the exact same spot.

Book cover for Axe Woman

Axe Woman

The fifth and final Inspector Barbarotti novel from bestselling author Håkan Nesser, in which Inspector Barbarotti is given a cold case concerning the infamous Axe Woman . . .

Book cover for Secret Life of Mr Roos

Secret Life of Mr Roos

A man starts a double life after a secret lottery win. But he can’t know just how sour his new life will turn . . .

Book cover for Root of Evil

Root of Evil

The second installment in Håkan Nesser’s Inspector Barbarotti quintet: a series of letters detailing future murders arrives on Inspector Barbarotti’s very own doorstep . . .

Book cover for Darkest Day

Darkest Day

A dysfunctional family go into meltdown when two members go missing one snowy night.