The Invisible Library series

Invisible Library

The first instalment of the Invisible Library series, a fantasy adventure featuring stolen books, secret agents, and forbidden societies – think Sherlock Holmes with a transdimensional twist!

Masked City

The second instalment of this bookish fantasy adventure series. A mystical identity is revealed, and the fates of all dimensions rests on the shoulders of one daring library spy . . .

Burning Page

The third instalment of this sparkling fantasy adventure. Irene the librarian spy faces deadly danger and impossible decisions, as the future of the library rests on her shoulders. Perfect for fans of Jodi Taylor and Jasper Fforde.

Lost Plot

The fourth instalment in this thrilling fantasy adventure series, filled with twists and turns. Irene is on a top-secret mission to an alternate, 1920s USA – and she cannot afford to fail. Perfect for fans of Ben Aaronovitch and Doctor Who.

Mortal Word

The fifth instalment of this bright and bookish adventure series. Irene and Vale descend into the underworld of an alternate 1890s Paris, with peace between the Fae and dragons hanging in the balance. Perfect for fans of Doctor Who.

Secret Chapter

The sixth instalment of this fantastical adventure series. A deal with a Fae leads Irene and Kai to an art heist in Vienna, with a ramshackle team of dragons and Fae – all for the sake of a rare book and its hidden history.

Dark Archive

The seventh instalment in this action-packed fantasy-adventure series. Librarian-spy Irene is the target of a mysterious killer, pursued across an alternate Victorian London.

Untold Story

The eighth instalment in this quick-witted fantasy adventure series. Sent to eliminate her greatest nemesis, Irene must uncover the truth behind disappearing worlds – and the secrets hidden in the depths of the Library . . .