The Joubert Family Chronicles

Book cover for Map of Bones

Map of Bones

Epic and heart-breaking, telling of courageous women battling to survive in a hostile land, The Map of Bones is the final novel in Kate Mosse's number one bestselling series, The Joubert Family Chronicles.

Book cover for Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

From Kate Mosse, the number one Sunday Times bestselling Joubert Family Chronicles series continues with The Ghost Ship, a thrilling tale of piracy and a sweeping historical epic about love in a time of war.

Book cover for City of Tears

City of Tears

The second instalment in The Joubert Family Chronicles. In the 16th century, from the Languedoc to Paris and Amsterdam, one family struggles to survive in the wake of the St Batholomew's Day massacre.

Book cover for Burning Chambers

Burning Chambers

France, 1562. As the Wars of Religion begin to take hold, a courageous Catholic woman and a passionate Huguenot believer find themselves united in a quest to uncover a long-buried secret . . .