Thrifty Kitchen statement January 2023

Bluebird and Pan Macmillan understand that some of the hacks and tips in Jack Monroe’s Thrifty Kitchen have been pointed out to be potentially risky if proper care and attention is not taken. These include a way to open a tin can without a tin opener, how to repurpose a tin can after first use, and a method of straining food without a strainer or colander. 

These hacks come from when Jack found herself in extreme circumstances of food poverty and necessity required creative solutions to overcome the obstacles. Proper tools should, of course, be used where possible. The tips are not recommended for daily use but have been mentioned for completeness and to give alternatives. Safety measures should be given the highest priority, especially when dealing with knives and sharp objects, and heat and electrical appliances.

Bluebird has amended text in the ebook edition, and will do the same for future reprints, removing or amending some of the content that has been flagged, and adding enhanced safety information at the back of the book.