Dead Girls

Abigail Tarttelin

10 January 2019
448 pages


It's 1999 and Thera Wilde is NOT a victim . . . From the award-winning author of Golden Boy, Dead Girls tells a story of Girl Power, murder and revenge.

'Tarttelin is a natural storyteller' Matt Haig

A quiet community is shocked by the murder of an eleven-year-old girl. As police swarm the village, fear compels parents to keep their children indoors. Unbeknown to her Mum and Dad, though, one girl roams free.

That girl is Thera Wilde.

Thera was the murdered girl’s best friend. Together they were unstoppable and, even alone, Thera is not afraid: it’s 1999. Girls can do anything.

And Thera reckons she can find the killer before the police do.

'Sometimes brutal, often tender, and always compelling' Emily St. John Mandel, author of Station Eleven, on Golden Boy

Harriet the Spy is all grown up – and readying herself to take on the darkness of the adult world. This somehow manages to combine mystery, thriller, horror, and a lovely elegy to lost friendship . . . Completely unforgettable
Feminist, bold, shocking, packed with little epiphanies
The things we tell young girls to keep them safe might be the most dangerous of all . . . An utterly compelling page-turner that will stay with me for a long time