The Art of Hunting

Alan Campbell

14 August 2014
500 pages


Welcome to the next installment of Alan Campbell's extraordinary Gravedigger Chronicles, The Art of Hunting, following on from Sea of Ghosts . . .With the Haurstaf decimated, the Unmer have seized the palace at Awl. The Unmer Prince Paulus Marquetta discovers an ally in the blind girl Ianthe, albeit a dangerous one. She has the power to destroy his mind with a single thought. But Ianthe's friendship with the Unmer has made her dangerous enemies.The exiled Unmer lord, Argusto Conquillas is determined to challenge the prince and his followers - and kill anyone who gets in his way. When the disgraced Gravedigger soldier Granger learns of his daughter's danger, he must use every scrap of his cunning to protect her.

Even that may not be enough as the Unmer, in their quest to unlock the secrets of the universe, have made a bargain with a god . . . a deal that threatens to destroy the world.

His invented world is one of the most bizarre, fascinating and dangerous it has been my pleasure to encounter
Campbell owes heavy debts to Mervyn Peake and John Milton
Campbell has Neil Gaimen's gift for lushly dark stories and compelling antiheroes.