Housewife in Love

Alison Penton Harper

06 March 2009
400 pages


‘You’re the bride, babe. You just go right ahead and arrange anything you bloody well want. And I mean anything. I don’t care how we get married. All I want is you.’

At long last, love is in the air, sending Helen Robbins into a flat spin while she grapples with the prospect of starting over (and whether or not she’s too old to have sex in an aeroplane). Does she really want a relationship? Moreover, does she really want a relationship with a man like Rick?

While she wrestles with the million dollar question, her sister Julia blindly prepares to face the onslaught of motherhood for the first time at 43, prompting neurotic Leoni (killing her husband slowly on a high cholesterol diet) to warn her that parenthood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As if to prove the point, Rick’s passion-killing teenage daughter, Lola, turns up and demonstrates just how awful a kid can turn out.

And as Helen’s wedding day approaches, she plans the biggest surprise of them all . . .