The OM Factor

Alka Dhillon

28 June 2018
100 pages


Working women today are caught in a never-ending battle of seemingly
conflicting interests: ambitions to pursue demanding careers, dedication
towards home and family, desire for intellectual self-improvement, and
yearning for fulfilment of emotional and spiritual needs. But acing
the balancing act is easier said than done.
In The OM Factor: A Woman’s Spiritual Guide to Leadership,
CEO and successful entrepreneur Alka Dhillon creates a unique
programme to integrate the disparate aspects of the lives of today’s
women into one harmonious whole.
A thorough guide to inner peace, the programme recommends seven key
character traits that can be cultivated for personal success and well-being.
Through meditation, chants, yoga and the healing power of gemstones,
the book provides hands-on tools to help readers overcome negative
emotions like stress, feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, anger and insecurity.
Easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle, the book is designed to quickly
deliver effective results in emotionally challenging situations.