A Nursery Rhyme for Every Night of the Year

Allie Esiri

Illustrated by Emily Faccini

Ages 0 to 7
23 March 2023
464 pages


Allie Esiri’s beautiful gift anthology, A Nursery Rhyme for Every Night of the Year, is a definitive collection of nursery rhymes, with enchanting illustrations by Emily Faccini. The book includes 366 rhymes - traditional classics as well as favourite rhymes of today - each accompanied by an enlightening introduction. Perfect for reading aloud and sharing with children of all ages.

Rhymes include ‘Oranges and Lemons’, ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Rock-A-Bye Baby’, alongside modern songs such as 'Nellie the Elephant', 'Baby Shark' and 'Puff the Magic Dragon'; with new entries from writing stars Floella Benjamin, Brian Bilston, Rod Campbell, Joseph Coelho, Julia Donaldson and Michael Rosen, all making this the most joyful book to read together, every night of the year.

Each month includes rhymes on different themes:

January: Winter, Bedtime
February: Love, Pancake Day
March: Spring, Women’s Day, Riddles
April: April Fool’s Day, Spring Festivals, Tongue-Twisters
May: May Day, Farm, Market, London
June: Playground Games, Animals
July: Weather Lore, Travel, Classics
August: Sea, Rivers, Outdoors
September: Back to School
October: Food, Action Songs, Halloween
November: History, Divali, Thanksgiving
December: Lullabies, Festive Rhymes

Allie Esiri's daily introductions teach the significance of the nursery rhyme; offering historical facts, answers to riddles, helpful instructions for the action rhymes, football fans’ playful variants and much more. The day-to-day format of the anthology invites readers to share one of the great nursery rhymes every day – or night – of the year.

Allie Esiri’s A Nursery Rhyme for Every Day of the Year is a brilliant idea and a splendid collection to read, recite or sing. Old and new rhymes, themed by month and beautifully illustrated by Emily Faccini, mean that any child of six and under will love it.
Poetry pro Allie Esiri's collection of 366 children's nursery rhymes, including new ones and jolly illustrations by Emily Faccini, is perfect bedtime reading - for kids and adults.
What an exquisite classic!