Out on 05 October 2023

365 Poems for Life

Allie Esiri

05 October 2023
368 pages


Discover the comfort of poetry with 365 Poems for Life, an uplifting collection from curator Allie Esiri.

This nourishing poem-a-day collection offers readers a brief moment of escape from daily life through some of the warmest words in the English language. Whether you’re searching for wisdom or looking to boost your wellbeing, dip into this anthology to share with others or enjoy a quiet moment of calm every day of the year.

Explore a wide range of poets, including Philip Larkin, Emily Dickinson, Wendy Cope, Shakespeare and many more. The perfect gift for poetry lovers and newbies alike, this beautiful collection brings a fresh slice of comfort for every day of the year.

This book will bring a little magic into your day and your heart.
Verse from ancient times to the present to soothe the spirit at the end of a fractious day.
If you feel as though your life is lacking a little poetry, this is an excellent place to start.