Make the leap this February 29th

Get the most out of the extra day with these inspiring reads.

If you've already neglected your New Year Resolutions, fear not: a leap year offers a second chance at a new start. With a whole extra day to remotivate yourself this month, here are our book suggestions to reinvigorate your 2024.

Go eco- and budget-friendly

The Green Budget Guide

by Nancy Birtwhistle

Book cover for The Green Budget Guide

Nancy Birtwhistle's 101 thoughtful, cheap and time-saving tips and tricks offer help with all sorts of household tasks, from removing tough stains to making the best use of your microwave. Nancy knows her stuff: building on her astonishing 12p laundry detergent and wildly popular recipe, ‘Pure Magic', The Green Budget Guide includes more of the inspired, sustainable and budget friendly hacks that have made her so loved by readers and followers on social media.

Book cover for Clean & Green

Clean & Green

Nancy Birtwhistle

Book cover for The Green Gardening Handbook

The Green Gardening Handbook

Nancy Birtwhistle

Book cover for Green Living Made Easy

Green Living Made Easy

Nancy Birtwhistle

Get organised

The Marie Kondo Tidying Companion

by Marie Kondo

Book cover for The Marie Kondo Tidying Companion

I'm afraid we can't give you actual Marie Kondo, but we can offer the next best thing: her step-by-step tidying and organisation planner. Each stage, from decluttering to reorganising, is broken down into manageable phases on a timeline that you can shape around your other commitments. Plus there are diagrams to help you master her famous folding method and storage solutions, and space for you to fill in your personal plan. 

Invest in your friendships


by Marisa G. Franco, PhD

Book cover for Platonic

Making and keeping friends can be really difficult. We're busy, there are lots of other pulls on our attention and, Dr Marisa G. Franco argues, we're living in a time and culture that undervalues friendship. Weaving together cutting-edge research in psychology with interviews, personal stories and practical advice, she gives us the tools we need to be better friends, and better humans. Using the groundbreaking framework behind attachment theory, this book teaches us to identify and understand our individual style – secure, anxious or avoidant – and recognize that how we behave in relationships is the key to unlocking what we’re doing right (and what we could do better) in our friendships.

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Eat more veg

The 20-Minute Vegan

by Calum Harris

Book cover for The 20-Minute Vegan

Whether you're already vegan or just interested in eating more veg and less meat, Calum Harris makes it easy with these hearty, comforting and delicious dishes which take just twenty minutes to make. From proper pastas to creamy curries, chocolatey puddings to fluffy pancakes, this tasty, vibrant food will appeal to everyone.

Learn how to live better for longer

How Not to Age

by Michael Greger MD

Book cover for How Not to Age

We all want to stay healthy as we age but, with so many different claims out there, it can be hard to know the best advice to follow. In How Not to Age, Dr Michael Greger – as seen on Netflix's You Are What You Eat – digs into the top peer-reviewed anti-ageing research to deliver a complete and optimal guide with simple steps to extend your lifespan and slow the adverse effects of ageing.

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Enjoy a moment of pause

365 Poems for Life

by Allie Esiri

Book cover for 365 Poems for Life

If you've not yet discovered 365 Poems for Life, 29 February offers the perfect opportunity to catch up on some of the fifty-nine poems selected for the year so far in this delightful poem-a-day collection. Featuring a wide range of poets, including Maya Angelou, Carol Ann Duffy, Kae Tempest, Dylan Thomas, Ocean Vuong and many more, this is the perfect choice for poetry lovers and newbies alike, offering a moment of solace every day. (And you can find more inspiration in our curated list of poetry books.)

Create positive change

The Greatest Manifestation Book (is the one written by you)

by Vex King

Book cover for The Greatest Manifestation Book (is the one written by you)

It's never too late to decide to transform your life – and this journal can help you achieve your goals. Each day, you'll be given the chance to rewrite your ‘manifesto’, work on negative thought patterns that might be holding you back, develop awareness of your thoughts and emotions, and engage with interactive activities to aid your journey.