Beautiful Place

Amanthi Harris

17 October 2019
100 pages


On a patch of Sri Lanka’s exquisite
southern coast stands the Villa Hibiscus.
It is Padma’s home. The owner of the villa,
Gerhardt, is an elderly Austrian architect
to whom Padma was taken when young by
Sunny, her scheming father. He had hoped
to use his attractive child to entice the
wealthy new foreigner in the area.
Gerhardt, in turn, adopted Padma, paying
Sunny to stay away until she would be
grown up, when Gerhardt expects to have
sent Padma to university, far away.
But Padma fails her exams and is lonely
in the city, gladly returning to her beloved
old home by the sea. With Gerhardt’s help,
she creates a guest house at the villa. Soon,
guests start to arrive, opening new vistas for
Padma through their friendship and love.
This is when Sunny appears, ready to
reclaim his daughter …
A captivating novel about the meaning
of home and family, love and loss,
Beautiful Place marks the arrival of a
dazzling new voice.