Book cover for Antisocial




17 September 2020
400 pages
Imprint: Picador


This is a wonderful record of these haywire times. Andrew Marantz is the perfect tour guide – dogged, self-reflective and a brilliant observer. Future historians will value this book. Because it really explains how we ended up in this mess.
Antisocial is at once funny and scary, antic and illuminating. It’s a must-read for anyone still struggling to understand the last election or hoping to make sense of the next one
Anyone who wants to know how Silicon Valley’s dream turned into democracy’s nightmare should read Antisocial, Andrew Marantz’s fascinating firsthand exploration of the trolls and nihilists who have hijacked the internet. This book puts contemporary politics in an alarming new light
Marantz has produced an essential work of reporting—one that illuminates not only how our information landscape emerged but also how it has become so corrupted and dangerous. If you want to comprehend the world in which we live, Antisocial is a book you must read