Out on 04 July 2024


Anita Desai

04 July 2024
112 pages


'Anita Desai is a magnificent writer' - Salman Rushdie

From three times Booker-shortlisted author Anita Desai, Rosarita is a beautiful, haunting novel that explores memory, grief, and a young woman’s determination to forge her own path.

A young student sits on a bench in a park in San Miguel, Mexico. Bonita is away from her home in India to learn Spanish. She is alone, somewhere she has no connection to. It is bliss.

And then a woman approaches her. The woman claims to recognize Bonita because she is the spitting image of her mother, who made the same journey from India to Mexico as a young artist. No, says Bonita, my mother didn’t paint. She never travelled to Mexico. But this strange woman insists, and so Bonita follows her. Into a story where Bonita and her mother will move apart and come together, and where the past threatens to flood the present, or re-write it.

**Praise for Anita Desai**

‘The language is hypnotically beautiful and subtle and the characterisation quietly precise’ - Financial Times

‘Bewitchingly beautiful’ - The Times

‘Profoundly elegiac’ - New Statesman

I can’t wait for the new Anita Desai novel, Rosarita. She’s a writer I’ve loved since my adolescence, whose sharp observations and elegant sentences I admire increasingly as the years go on. Every new work from her is a gift.
Her writing is sensuous, radical and uncannily perceptive
To compare Anita Desai's fiction with that of Chekhov or the short stories of Tolstoy is not extravagant; it is entirely warranted