Girl in Blue

Anne Ramsay

22 July 2011
320 pages


When she made the decision to join the police force, Anne Ramsay had imagined what she would look like in a police uniform. She hadn't for one moment envisaged herself dressed as a prostitute, walking the streets of Glasgow at night, retracing the steps of a young girl recently murdered . . .

Girl in Blue is Anne's riveting story of fourteen years in the police, first as a WPC and then as a detective. She vividly describes the reality of police work, from analysing crime scenes to her first frightening trip to the mortuary, from knocking on someone's door to deliver tragic news to being used as a honey trap, from questioning child abusers to watching a post mortem. Anne joined the police believing she could help people and make a difference, an optimism eventually destroyed by the darkness she witnessed daily on the streets of Glasgow, and within the force itself. She left after being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

Often moving, always gripping, liberally spiked with black humour, Girl in Blue is one woman's unforgettable journey.