Book cover for The Centre



18 July 2024
320 pages
Imprint: Picador


Fantastic . . . This Black Mirror take on the world of language opens up questions of cultural appropriation, the power of language, memory and privilege . . . Siddiqi’s easy storytelling and her heroine Anisa’s sweet narrative voice slip down like summer rosé. Siddiqi has the gift of maintaining propulsion and mystery, while keeping things human and realistic . . . compelling . . . wonderful
An absolutely stunning and unique novel . . . A book that is not only thrilling but deeply thought provoking, a combination that is truly rare
Creepy, provocative and wildly entertaining . . . I was gripped
This thrillingly ambitious literary chiller . . . balances the light with the profound, combining humour and horror as it takes on issues of power and privilege, class, identity, assimilation and more.